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DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Promo.

DateBook is the fast smart dating theme specially created for dating websites.

DateBook has been made based on the experience of world professional sites and the requests of our customers. Functions that are really necessary in real use, in practice, and not in theory.

DateBook has more features and smart functions than any other dating theme.

We listened to every wish, criticism, advice of each of our customers. We have come a long way of bugs, errors, mistakes, improvements, and thousands of hours of hard work.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Multilingual, translated into 7 languages, total 8 languages.

DateBook is the only dating theme in the world that has been translated into multiple languages.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Ready native pages.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. More ready native pages.

Use our Theme Installer to create pages automatically.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Use Brizy Page Builder pages.

Create any design of pages using your Page Builder and our Shortcodes.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. All countries and cities included.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. All countries and cities translated into 5 languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, German and English by default.

DateBook is the only dating theme in the world that has countries, regions and cities translated in multiple languages.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Subscription plans. Free and Paid plans. Different features controlled by subscription.

Subscription or Membership is fully included (integrated) in the theme.


DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Accept payments via PayPal and Paystack payment gateways.

Accept payments via PayPal or Paystack gateways using the integrated DateBook subscription or via WooCommerce by installing your payment gateway plugins.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Accept payments via WooCommerce and supported payment gateways.

Notice: Payment gateways plugins are not included in the theme. They have been listed only to show that they are supported by WooCommerce. If you intend to accept payments through WooCommerce, you must first check if a payment gateway is available for use. We cannot be responsible for availability, work-ability, functionality and issues that may arise with the payment plugins.

All the payment plugins listed above are trademarks that are property of their respective owners.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Fast Performance.

The theme is really fast. You can feel it when you have over 1 000 000 of registered members on your website.

DateBook can run on a server with very low resources: 512 MB RAM, 1 MB/s I/O Usage.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Online indicators.

Private Chat messaging

This theme comes with a built in private messaging for your members to chat in real time.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Chat and Messages.

Allow your members to pay in order to place their profiles in special places, such as on the front page or right under the header. Get extra revenue when members highlight their profiles with this feature.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Featured profile.

Top status

Top status is when a profile placed at the top position (above ordinary profiles) on the search page. You can earn big income by letting your members pay to move their profiles to the top position.

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme. Top profile.

Photos Uploads

Our Dating Theme allows your members to upload their photos with ease. The upload process is clean and simple making it easy for users to add Profiles.

Blur effect can be added to profile images. Members can hide their images from non-registered users or non-subscribed members. In this case, all their images become blurred.

Simulation – imitate online presence of users

Switch on the online indicators on demo profiles. Thus, create the illusion as if several users are logged in and present on your site.

Also, increase periodically number of views on demo profiles as if those profiles are visited regularly.

100% Responsive

Responsive design is a must have for any serious online business.
It provides your visitors with a better viewing experience and better for your search engine rankings too!

Optimized for Mobile Devices

DateBook theme is fully responsive and looks stunning on any device.

Retina Ready

All images are Retina Ready. It means that images will be shown in high quality in Retina display devices

Key Features:

  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Create any design for all pages using any Page Builder
  • Paid Subscriptions via DateBook Subscription or WooCommerce Subscription
  • Accept payments via PayPal or Paystack gateways
  • Powerful Search by all profile fields (custom fields too)
  • Countries: all countries and cities are included
  • Private Chat or Messaging
  • Online Status Display
  • Top and Featured statuses for Profiles
  • Favorite profiles
  • Blacklisted profiles
  • Different Genders and Sexual orientations (already included)
  • Custom fields in Profile, Registration, Settings, and Search forms
  • Commenting in Profiles
  • Reviews and Rating in Profiles
  • Favorites List
  • Black List
  • Friends: users can connect to each other as friends
  • Watermarks on Profile images
  • Users can deactivate or delete their profiles
  • Detect a real city and country of user by IP
  • Simulation – imitate online presence of users
  • Classified ads
  • Tours
  • Custom Login page
  • Registration
  • Google reCaptcha in Login and Registration forms
  • Restrict non-registered users to view profiles

Subscription and Payment:

  • PayPal and Paystack Payment gateways. More gateways are to be added.
  • Create different Subscription plans
  • Free subscription for selected genders
  • Restrict non-subscribed users to view and search profiles

Other Features:

  • Cookies notification
  • Restrict access to Administration panel
  • Profile statistics
  • Ordinary profiles on Front page
  • Email validation
  • Check invalidated profiles
  • Verified profiles
  • Liked profiles
  • Upload images: set quantity and size
  • Blur effect can be added to profile images
  • Who viewed me statistics
  • Zodiac sign
  • Genders and Sexual orientations
  • Phones and Websites
  • Social share buttons
  • Custom code in Header and Footer
  • Google Fonts
  • Retina Ready
  • Multilingual
  • Widget Ready
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy installation: install, save, ready to go

Design and Style Features:

Set your styling: different layout, colors, shadows, sizes, borders

  • Header background image
  • Different Logos for Front and other pages
  • Top menu
  • Primary menu
  • User menu
  • Typography
  • Styling
  • Panels
  • Search form
  • Profiles on Search page
  • Featured profiles
  • Top profiles
  • Mosaic of profiles
  • Countries
  • Images sizes
  • Chat window size


  • Featured profile
  • Related profile by city
  • Related profile by country
  • Classifieds
  • Tours
  • Register / Login
  • Comments
  • Latest profiles
  • Latest posts
  • Categories

Access to Demo Administration panel

Check all of the features on our Demo Website. Click on the link below.

Demo Admin


The following assets used:


Images and Icons



Version 4.6.0 (19 September 2021):

- Added: Match Making function added to compare profile for compatibility. 
- Added: Arabic, Polish and Portuguese languages added. 
- Added: RTL support added for languages like Hebrew or Arabic. 
- Added: forms can have 3 columns. 
- Added: Search form can search for countries or countries and regions only.
- Added: custom fields can have different titles in profile and search forms. 
- Improved: Featured profiles can be hidden on different screen sizes. 
- Improved: widgets Related profiles now can display profiles from other cities and countries. 
- Fixed: warning message "Profile is pending..." was displayed even if profile was active. 
- Fixed: error was displayed in chat window if period of time for limited chat was not selected.
- Fixed: Top and Featured statuses were not activated automatically. 
- Fixed: limit in chat did not work after switching on another subscription plan. 
- Fixed: search displayed regions incorrectly if only one country was enabled. 
- Fixed: text fields in forms did not save temporary content. 

Version 4.5.9 (23 June 2021):

- Fixed: subscription did not work properly on some php versions. 
- Fixed: subscription did not change correctly in admin area due to non-English language. 
- Improved: subscription now displays quantity of Top and Featured statuses. 
- Added: submit button in chat gets temporarily disabled after submission.
- Fixed: quantity of images in chat did not allow to upload more images. 
- Fixed: friends shortcode did not display profiles. 
- Fixed: date in international languages displayed incorrectly. 
- Fixed: custom reserved fields could not be deactivated. 
- Added: new special title fields added to the search form.
- Fixed: suspended text About me was not displayed to author of profile.
- Fixed: modified About me text was not displayed if suspended. 
- Fixed: changed email in settings prevented other notifications from being sent. 
- Improved: each image size improved. 
- Improved: now all images sizes can be controlled. 
- Improved: "no-image.png" file replaced by SVG image format "no-image.svg". 
- Improved: now the theme can be run on PHP 8. 
- Fixed: Subscription by default was not assigned after photo was uploaded and profile completed. 
- Fixed: Simulation chat did not send second message properly. 
- Fixed: Subscription plan in theme options could not be created. 
- Fixed: Registration form was not displayed if subscription plan was deactivated. 

Version 4.5.8 (23 April 2021):

- Fixed: Subscription worked incorrectly. Profiles were not activated.
- Added: message read confirmation icons added in chat.

Version 4.5.7 (22 April 2021):

- Fixed: Top and Featured could not be activated by user after expiration. 
- Fixed: Chat allowed to send more messages than allowed, after logging out and login again. 
- Fixed: profile was wrongly activated after uploading a photo even if subscription was not selected. 
- Fixed: Subscription in profile was not expired properly. 
- Fixed: Paystack stopped working. 
- Improved: SEO title and description in meta tags improved. 
- Fixed: profile was not activated after subscription in WooCommerce. 

Showing latest changes. For the full list of changes see here




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