Ego Onepage Responsive Parallax Template

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Ego is a sleek, fully responsive, onepage template that screams with attitude. It boasts a fullscreen slider with custom captions, an AJAX portfolio and contact form, a blog and tons of styling options. Its the perfect template for the freelancer or small design studio that wants to shocase their work in style.

Ego Onepage Responsive Parallax Template - 1

Ego Onepage Responsive Parallax Template - 2

Ego Onepage Responsive Parallax Template - 3

Ego Onepage Responsive Parallax Template - 4

Ego Onepage Responsive Parallax Template - 5

Ego Onepage Responsive Parallax Template - 6

Theme Features

Responsive Layout

Adapts to fit your users’ device, from large desktop screens all the way down to mobile.

Three versions

Variated, Dark and Light.


  1. Epic fullscreen slider with touch swipe support by UDTHEMES that allows for custom captions, different effects (left to right, top to bottom, fade). Set different effects for desktop and mobile.
  2. Flex slider with custom captions

Parallax background images

Awesome parallax effect for a smooth scrolling effect between sections.

AJAX Driven Portfolio

AJAX portfolio with deep linking.

AJAX Contact Form

Sleek AJAX contact form with form validation.


Fancybox light box with custom captions.

PSD files

Full source plus invidiual PSDs for all sections.

Well Documented

Extensive documentation in PDF as well as online version.

Supports Major Browsers

Supported by IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

note: some CSS3 styles not supported in older browsers


All support is handled in our support forum at We encourage you to post all your questions concerning Amplitude WordPress there as you questions may have already been answered or may be of help to other people that have also purchased the theme.

Accessing the Forum

To access the forum you will need your “Item Purcahse Code”, which can be found in your download section of your dashboard. Click Here if you need help finding it


To see all contributors and credits for photographs, videos, and scripts used please click here.


Version 1.4 – Status: LIVE

Update includes:

Complete rewrite
Improved main menu
Updated Epic Slider
Added Honeypot Spam Prevention to Contact Form
Updated Twitter icon
Changed Accordion behavior. Active Accordion can now be closed
Various minor improvements
Added new "Minimal" skin

For files affected in this update, please click here.

Version 1.2 – Status: LIVE

Updates include:

-Added media page
-Added fix for video scaling
    Files updated include: 

Version 1.1 – Status: LIVE

Updates include:

Added support for video in parallax teaser
Added fix for iOS6 and iOS5
Added fixed menu for mobile
Epic slider v.1.2. (allows for stacking slides or full sliding). Also supports different effects for mobile and desktop.




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