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Electric – The Premium WordPress Theme 2021

A priority product for everybody, Electric premium WordPress theme 2021 serves all the requirements of every niche ranging from basic to advanced, and to exceptional. Without little knowledge of coding, you can create an accomplished website on all the niches of small or large business or personal interest with this premium WP template.

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Electric Features

  • Mega Menu Builder Build personalized multi-column mega menu in seconds! Place images, tags and links and align it left, right or center.
  • Form Builder Create Contact Form, Comments Box, Login Form or any other form very conveniently. Define any number of fields and ascribe specific functionality to each.
  • Footer Grid Builder Divide the footer space into smaller or larger grids, depending upon the number of widgets you want to place there.
  • Side Header Template Your modern agency and portfolio websites need a side header. Use innovative vertical header that is provided with toggle and other amazing features.
  • Font Live Preview settings Now you can visualize the effect of the changes made to fonts right at the backend. As you customize fonts, the effects becomes visible in the box below.
    Auto Update Theme
  • Auto Update Theme You need not be installing updates manually. With our auto update system, an update theme and plugins gets automatically installed as soon as it is launched.
  • Single Click Demo Installation The complete data import of Electric theme demo can be accomplished in a single click!
  • Online Documentation Supported with pictures, videos and step by step procedures, the online documentation of Electric has been made incredibly easy for newbies.
  • Boxed And Wide Layout Any homepage version can be switched between boxed and wide layout with a click. For boxed version, you have very attractive backgrounds. You can also define and apply your own.
  • Google Map Pointer < Guide the users about your location on the globe by placing a pointer on the Google Map with address, contact number, etc.
  • Custom Table Graph The flexible Custom Table Graph has been decorated with unique colour blending. It can be made smaller or larger and showcased in any sized grid.
  • Parallax Background Facility Every single section and shortcode has been empowered to display a parallax background to give your content a perfectly dynamic look.
  • Colour Scheme Definer Beside the extremely cool and catchy colour scheme, offered as default, we have integrated Colour Picker tool. So you can define unlimited colour schemes, each with a click!
  • Sticky Header Feature The semi-transparent sticky header not only beautifies the look of the web pages but also adds to the ease of navigation. Even while on bottom, you can switch to any other page without scrolling.
  • Advance Footer SettingsThe advanced footer settings allow you to place different built-in useful widgets and define specific grid dimensions for each. The dimensions of widgets get auto aligned with smaller or larger grid sizes.
  • social Media Manager With powerful social media manager, you can remove, replace or use an icon from the Font Awesome collection quite easily.
  • Advance Blog SettingsUtilizing the advanced blog settings, you can change icons, rearrange sections, apply sidebar with widgets, customize layout and enable/disable any feature on the page.
  • Sidebar Builder Build a beautiful sidebar with the shortcodes and widgets of your choice. Each of the dozens of predefined widgets is fully functional and has potential to auto resize to fit in sidebar.
  • Advanced Featured Area OptionsTo add to the decency of Featured Area, you can use Layer Slider, Kenburns effects, Text Carousel, Featured Text with Pictures and an elegant Video Background Slider.
  • 10+ Portfolio Styles for Home Pages and Inner Pages We have invested maximum focus and energy on making the 10+ portfolio layouts as stylish, unique and powerful as possible. So, you will find each full of features and functionality.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Menu Traditional horizontal header has been presented with a touch of novelty both in outlook and featuring. Electric also brings outclass vertical header with toggle and other awesome features.
  • layer Slider With Layer Slider, it really exciting to build multi-layered, fully animated slides with hundreds of transition effects. The plugin is fully responsive and very easy to work with.
  • Visual Composer Besides giving you amazing power at the backend, VC page builder renders the pleasure of frontend editing. Through ‘drag & drop’, you can quickly customize every single detail of your website.
  • Portfolio management Besides making portfolio management extra easy and totally hassle free, it gives versatility through 10+ unique portfolios. There are multiple styles for feature arrangements and detailed single page popups.
  • Service Management Like other aspects of the theme, services management has also been made quick and convenient. You have full-fledged pages for Services and Single Service, each equipped with redefined parallax effects.
  • 6+ Header Styles Electric offers you over half a dozen header styles. Each of these is an epitome of power and brilliance and can also be made sticky. There is also a vertical or side header with toggle and other great features.
  • Dozens of Widgets Adding to the versatile functionality of your website, we are providing you dozens of powerful, ready-to-use widgets. You can place them not only in sidebar but also content area and footer.

Electric Pages

  • Freelancer Simple
  • Photography
  • Creative Dark (Hot. Menu)
  • Company Homepage (Kenburns Effect)
  • Simple Portfolio
  • Agency Homepage
  • Creative Boxy
  • Creative Business
  • CV Freelancer Modern
  • Large Business (Slider)
  • Contact Information
  • Contact Item
  • Circular Skill
  • Google Map
  • Contact Form
  • Contact Form Two
  • Quote Parallax
  • About Us Form
  • About With Icon
  • Freelancer Info
  • Custom Info
  • Team Carousel
  • Team Listing
  • Team Style Two
  • Team Tabs
  • Services Listing
  • Services Single
  • Services Single
  • Service Parallax
  • Services Boxes
  • Services Custom
  • Faq’s Listing
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolios Listing
  • Portfolios Masonry
  • Detailed Portfolio
  • Portfolios Featured
  • Portfolio Carousel
  • About Us
  • 404 Error Page
  • Services
  • Single Services
  • Our Team
  • Single Team Member
  • Search Result Found
  • Search Result Not Found
  • Same Size Portfolio
  • Zero Gap Portfolio
  • Uneven Thumb Portfolio
  • Vertical Thumb Portfolio
  • Horizontal Thumb Masonry
  • Even Thumb Vertical Style
  • Simple Style Portfolio
  • Portfolio Detail 1
  • Portfolio Detail 2
  • Header Styles
  • Widget
  • Blog Page
  • Single Post With Image
  • Single Post With Gallery
  • Single Post With Audio
  • Single Post With Video
  • Single Post L. Sidebar
  • Single Post R. Sidebar
  • Contact Us

Updates and Bug Fixes Log

Version 4.4 (25 November, 2021)

  • Compatibility – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.2.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with WPBakery 6.7.0.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with WooCommerce 5.9.0.
  • Fixed – Fixed deprecate issues in WooCommerce files.
  • Fixed – Fixed php code issue of team detail page.
  • Version 4.3 (20 June, 2021)

    • Updated – Updated WooCommerce Templates to Make Compatible with New Version.
    • Compatibility – Compatible with WordPress 5.7
    • Compatibility – Compatible with PHP 7.4.

    Version 4.2 (08 January, 2021)

    • Updated – Updated WooCommerce Templates to Make Compatible with New Version.
    • Compatibility – Compatible with WordPress 5.6
    • Compatibility – Compatible with PHP 8.0.
    • Removed – Removed Vafpress Errors in Theme File.
    • Removed – Remove Setup Wizard Errors.
    • Removed – Removed “Add To Cart” Page Errors.
    • Removed – Removed Order Page Errors.

    Version 4.1 (05 September, 2020)

    • Fixed – JavaScript issues on the back-end have been fixed.
    • Fixed – Theme Options compatibility issues with WP version 5.5.1 have been fixed.
    • Fixed – Meta-boxes compatibility issues with WP version 5.5 have been fixed.
    • Fixed – PHP errors on the front end have been fixed.
    • Fixed – JavaScript issues on the front have been fixed.
    • Compatibility – Compatible with 5.5.1 version of WordPress.
    • Compatibility – Compatible with 4.3.3 version of WooCommerce.
    • Compatibility – Compatible with WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin.
    • Updated – WooCommerce files are updated.
    • Updated – WPBakery page builder plugin has been fixed.
    • Updated – Layer Slider plugin has been updated.
    • Updated – Electric Theme Support plugin has been updated.

    Version 4.0 (14 January, 2020)

    • New – Added Google Recaptcha option in all forms to control SPAM emails.
    • Fixed – Default navigation style issue fixed.
    • Fixed – Fixed Style issues in different shortcodes.
    • Fixed – Fixed Masonry issues in portfolio shortcodes.
    • Fixed – Fixed Sticky header issues.
    • Fixed – Fixed Demo import issues.
    • Fixed – Fixed Widgets issues.
    • Compatibility – Compatible with 3.8.1 Version of WooCommerce.
    • Compatibility – Compatible with 5.3.2 Version of WordPress.
    • Updated – WooCommerce files updated.
    • Updated – Layer Slider plugin is updated.
    • Updated – WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) plugin is updated.

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