Lightyear Movie – Buzz Light Year Origins Disney

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Have you ever really wondered about Buzz Lightyear Movie origin story? We are talking about the actual space ranger. The space ranger has all the hallmarks of a great hero’s journey. But how did Buzz get to be the space ranger? Let’s go back and see what happened.

And then suddenly, as he flew towards the planet Fearless, he realized with a start that his mission was to save Fearless — who, of course, was totally not afraid of anything at all.

He couldn’t let Fearless die. If he couldn’t save him, he would have to destroy him.

Not on Buzz’s watch. He didn’t have the time. The galaxy needed him elsewhere.

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Lightyear Official Disney Teaser

Lightyear Official Disney Teaser

We begin in his home planet, Zeta Prime. On a random day, Buzz’s spaceship came out of hyperspace. A strange radio message came from an interplanetary vessel.

Buzz had been warned that the interplanetary vessel would make a visit to his planet. He didn’t quite understand what the warning meant. It was an unknown culture and he did not understand their ways. But he would find out what that warning meant. He set his autopilot and took a very quiet shot of Kistromin Y whiskey.

Buzz’s spaceship approached the interplanetary vessel. They spoke through the computer. The message was simple, “Buzz will fly this mission.” Buzz thought, “this is great! They don’t seem to be bad!”

As he flew, they tried to get Buzz to meet them. Buzz kept avoiding them.


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