Metromega – Responsive HTML5 Metro Template

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Metromega gets a Vertical Version and Bootstrap gets updated to version 3.


The Metromega Concept

Metromega is a vertically responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Template with horizontal scrolling. It is inspired by the Windows 8 Metro UI, offering an exclusive new user experience. Metromega has a custom made responsive framework, therefore it works and looks perfectly in every browser and every device.


When we created Metromega, our target was to make something revolutionary. For that reason, we created the Metromega Responsive Framework, a vertically responsive framework, created for the ultimate user experience.

Users can simply jump in, without any coding experience. The framework provides everything you need, with perfectly semantic code blocks. Creating an amazing website has never been easier.


Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Phone. The best thing about the new concept of Vertically Responsive Websites is that your content will look amazing on any device, the tiles only get repositioned.

Retina Display Ready

We did say your content will look amazing on any device, didn’t we? We optimized the Template for Retina Displays so you’ll love staying on it from your Retina Display phone or tablet.

Exclusive Plugins

We wanted Metromega to be Complete. That’s why we created an exclusive slideshow plugin and an exclusive lightbox plugin.

The slideshow plugin is called Tileshow, which can also handle background images and has an extremely simple markup.

We called the Lightbox plugin mLightbox, because we simply love the name Metromega. Our lightbox can handle images, videos and our custom blog posts.

Made to be simple

Made for everyone, Metromega has extremely simple and intuitive markup. With a very complete documentation, it offers you the possibility to exploit all of Metromega’s features in no time.

Bootstrap Integration

Because we know you like using the things you’re used to, we’ve integrated Bootstrap as part of our HTML tiles and blog posts. You won’t have to worry about your design not being responsive.

Working Contact Form

Luckily for you, Metromega comes with a perfectly working Contact form and has a complete documentation.


You can use Metromega for an unlimited number of situations: online portfolios, corporate websites, blogs, application user interfaces, even admin systems.

Tons of features

  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Complete Documentation
  • Powered by Metafizzy Isotope (25$)
  • Exclusive Custom Lightbox Plugin
  • Exclusive Custom Slideshow Plugin
  • Semantic HTML5 Markup
  • CSS3 Transitions and Animations
  • Bootstrap Integration
  • Custom Metromega Responsive Framework
  • Vertically Responsive
  • Horizontal Scrolling
  • Unlimited Possibilities

Slideshow Background




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