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Template feature

  • Template Builder by Stampready
  • Commented HTML.
  • .psd file included
  • Flexible table structure (delete/copy/replace).
  • Responsive for your mobile device.(native email app)
  • Able to save your modify template for future use in the StampReady builder
  • Advanced lossy compression for all images(reduce images file size 70%)
  • Compatible with awesome WordPress plugin Mailster

Switch | Business Newsletter - 1

Change log


- Reavemp template code all files.


- Header and footer modules in all Mailchimp native files are now repeatable(user request).
- Now support Klaviyo! (one of the most requested ESP)
- Add Klaviyo manual to the knowledge base.


- Now support StampReady editor version 3.0
- Modules height is now adjustable.
- All divider dash line is able to adjust the width.
- The solid color icons can customize the color(such as social icons).
- You can save a color palette for the template.
- Border size adjustable.
- All new code editor with finding and replace code function, Live preview.
- New photo editor for images, you can set opacity, overlay, flip the image or even add an image filter.
- A collection of an image gallery for your campaign or background.
- Changing font style


- Fixed that Mailchimp 600px image not responsive in a mobile device
- Fixed the responsive issue in Constant Contact, that caused by the auto-generated footer from the ESP and updated documentation.


- [Mailster] Fixed the text-alignment not working in Mailster editor.


- Revamp template code all files.
- Mailchimp default file is now editable with Mailchimp native editor.
- More apps supported(PolyMail, Spark, Unibox)

Matah Email Set 36 Unique templates style.


Koble Set with 25 templates and 200+ modules for all in one.





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