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Uix Shortcodes Live Demo 2

Uix Shortcodes Live Demo 2

Uix Shortcodes makes it easy and quick to add the shortcode you need to achieve the page layout or function you desire. It provides easy to use over 26+ shortcodes. Currently supports: container, parallax, image slider, timeline, columns, buttons, progress bar, google maps, special heading, pricing table, icons, features boxes, testimonials carousel, team, list of clients, responsive video, audio, accordion, dividing line, tabs, code with highlighter, share buttons, contact form(use commenting form template), portfolio(support lightbox), recent posts with custom template and author card.

The content elements are the heart of any page builder. These are the elements shortcodes that come with theme. You may customize the shortcode by changing/adding the parameters. “Content Shortcode”, “Column Shortcode”, “Web Elements Shortcode”, “Container Shortcode”, and so on. They could be used together.

Uix Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

A variety of optional styles are available for this plugin, you can choose the shortcodes style you want.

Developer: https://uiux.cc

Uix Shortcodes for WordPress at WordPress.org Repository: https://wordpress.org/plugins/uix-shortcodes/


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